NetComm Wireless’ industrial-grade 3G/4G M2M series combines multiple features and interfaces, seamless integration, powerful edge processing and an embedded NetComm Linux OS and Software Development Kit (SDK) to support challenging M2M applications on multiple cellular networks.

Light Industrial M2M (Verizon Wireless certified)

Certified for use on the Verizon Wireless Private Network the NetComm Wireless 4G LTE Light Industrial M2M Router (NWL-25) is a cost-effective solution for LTE/XLTE network coverage. It supports the secure transfer of data from M2M devices to internal enterprise systems over a segregated private network.

The Light Industrial M2M Router Plus (NWL-15-02) & M2M CDMA Router (NWL-11) are pre-configured and certified for use on the Verizon Wireless dual-band CDMA (BC0/BC1), 800/1900MHz network. The NWL-15-02 includes built-in GPS supporting an active GPS Antenna via external SMA connector.

The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network certified NetComm Wireless 4G WiFi M2M Router (NTC-140W-01) supports mobile asset management with vehicle voltage support, GPS and ignition input. Mission-critical applications are backed by automatic failover to 3G when outside of 4G coverage areas, and instant fall-back to 4G when the Gigabit Ethernet ports are used as an alternate Internet connection. And the built in VPN client for a secure connection over public mobile networks.

3G M2M (AT&T certified)

The 3G M2M Router Plus (NTC-6200) integrates OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) and supports VPN connectivity. Delivering fast and reliable Internet and phone connectivity in weak signal areas the Outdoor HSPA+ M2M WiFi Router (NTC-30WV) combines a mobile modem, router, wireless LAN access point, telephone adapter and powerful high gain antenna system in a single weather-resistant device that is easily mounted on an external wall or pole.