Digital equality is finally here and Australia’s showing the world how it’s done.

This time last year, the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network proved to be world leading – giving Australians “better speeds, higher data allowances and better value than users of other fixed wireless services across the world,” according to an OVUM report titled Fixed Wireless Broadband: A Global Comparison.

Back then, nbn’s data allowance for its 25/5Mbps fixed wireless product was over seven times higher than its next best international peer; and now the gap has widened with the introduction of its new 50/20Mbps speed tier which is bringing city-equivalent broadband speeds to homes and businesses previously unable to access high-speed fixed line services.

The 2016 financial results released by nbn last week demonstrate the success of fixed wireless broadband which uses the latest 4G TD-LTE to bring fast and cost-effective broadband speeds and performance to regional, rural and outer urban premises.

nbn Fixed Wireless revenue almost tripled during the during 2015-2016 financial year, and the number of homes and businesses actively using the service more than doubled. Almost 430,000 premises are now ready for the service, and it is proven to meet performance measures across vast geographic areas.

Beyond the numbers, entire communities now have access to the broadband capacity needed to stream video and drive other bandwidth-intensive applications on multiple devices. The service is bringing unprecedented opportunities to entire industry sectors in areas such as commercial farming where applications such as precision agriculture, livestock tracking, surveillance and video conferencing are transforming business and operational efficiencies.

The nbn Fixed Wireless network is the result of a close collaboration between nbn, Ericsson and NetComm Wireless. And with the experience gained in Australia, NetComm Wireless is now working with one of the top two carriers in the USA to deliver committed bandwidth, specific capacity and high broadband speeds to areas where it is not practical or economical to deploy fibre.

Together with its partners, NetComm Wireless is closing the digital divide for good.