Machine-to-Machine (M2M) product launches

The concept of M2M assumes that any machine can connect to any network, anywhere in the world. To make this a reality, NetComm Wireless' M2M technologies are certified for use on global networks, cater to diverse form factor variations, permit an adequate return on investment and offer multiple variants for different M2M applications across different regions.

Achieving universal M2M using the 3G M2M Router Plus (NTC-6200 series)

Achieving universal M2M using NTC-6200 series

With global M2M connections set to reach a quarter of a billion this year, the GSMA has highlighted the importance of developing M2M capabilities that add value beyond connectivity. NetComm Wireless' new NTC-6200 series delivers reliable connectivity and remote management capabilities, addressing universal applications in areas such as asset management, security & surveillance, building automation, point of sale, healthcare and smart city initiatives.

"Almost half of the world's mobile operators offer M2M services and in addition to connecting machines to wireless networks, the focus is shifting to solutions that improve business productivity and efficiency, and ultimately create more value. As well as providing reliable data connectivity, the NTC-6200 is equipped with a number of variants and communication interfaces for optimal versatility and seamless integration," said David Stewart, Managing Director and CEO, NetComm Wireless.

Connecting legacy devices using the 3G Serial Modem (NTC-3000)

Connecting Legacy deives using NTC-3000

Commercial organisations that operate in areas such as manufacturing, construction, mining and agriculture maintain significant capital investments in legacy equipment as the cost of replacing existing assets, particularly those that are running critical processes, can outweigh the short to medium term benefits of M2M.

Despite the changing technological landscape, the low cost, easy installation and reliability of legacy protocols means that the sheer volume of serial products already in existence may continue to grow. Designed to integrate M2M intelligence into existing legacy equipment without the need for an upgrade, NetComm Wireless' NTC-3000 takes serial data and sends it over 3G to enable the remote observation, management and reporting of industrial and commercial assets.

Connecting machines to 4G / LTE with the 4G WiFi M2M Router (NTC-140W)

Until recently, low data rate 2G networks have been adequate for the bulk of M2M applications; but companies and governments are now looking for faster and more efficient ways to manage large-scale data transfers and enable media rich value-added services.

NetComm Wireless has introduced the new NTC-140W to its wireless M2M Series, delivering fast and powerful 4G LTE capabilities to high-bandwidth M2M applications such as security video, digital signage, remote healthcare and emergency response. Offering a new level of networking, the robust NTC-140W features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and high-speed WiFi along with vehicle voltage support, GPS and ignition input for mobile assets.

NetComm Wireless' NTC-140W enables the seamless collection, analysis and management of large amounts of data from remote and unmanned applications as key markets continue to expand 4G LTE network coverage and deployments.

"The benefits of 4G LTE in delivering superior performance is clear, and with surging global demand for mobility and always-on connectivity across diverse M2M applications, the powerful NTC-140W will deliver a myriad of new deployment opportunities over the long-term as 2G networks are gradually decommissioned to make way for the new wave of LTE," said David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless.