Customers are always on the move. To reach them, ATMs are moving in a new direction. Wireless ATMs can be deployed virtually anywhere, and are becoming much more than mere cash dispensers. As well as offering enhanced service delivery, the added advantage of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications allows ATMs to engage with customers, promote brands and improve efficiencies.

Transact anywhere

Unlike leased-line or dial-up ATMs which connect via a telephone line, wireless ATMs connect using 3G or 4G networks, giving customers the freedom to transact at concerts, trade shows, markets and other locations where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical.

With support for multiple 3G standards (UTMS/HSDPA/HSUPA), extensibility to 4G/LTE and backwards compatibility with 2G technologies, NetComm Wireless' M2M routers support secure and reliable point-to-point or point-to-multi-point communications on virtually any network worldwide.

Remote control

Customer transactions and the status of each unit can be monitored and controlled in actual time from any location, giving ATM operators real-time insight into cash levels, faults and security breaches.

Equipped with TR-069, NetComm Wireless' M2M routers allow ATMs to be remotely observed and managed from a central office so issues can be diagnosed and resolved without needing to send a technician to the site.

In command

NetComm Wireless' M2M routers feature I/Os support for digital input, digital output and analogue input. Write your own commands and control the I/Os in line with your specific needs. Whether you want to create a command that triggers an alert in response to a security breach, or send an SMS to your phone when the cash supply reaches a predetermined level, the I/Os gives you automatic control.

Maximum security

Reduce ATM vulnerability and protect against security threats with live monitoring and real-time alerts. Control security sensors using the I/O ports and instantly respond to physical and logical security attacks using internal logic to deal with external events and execute commands.

Custom advantage

The software development kit (SDK) makes it easy to develop M2M applications easily integrated with your own system to support virtually any function. Whether offering additional services, targeted promotions or compiling specific data, SDK gives you the freedom to manage any business need.

ATM advertising

The enhanced speed and capacity of 3G/4G heightens the potential for new revenue streams by supporting data rich applications such as on-screen advertising and other customised messages to target audiences. ATMs located at shopping centres are well placed to influence purchasing decisions, and with a growing number of units now deployed at high-volume usage locations such as convenience stores, railway stations and special events, they are becoming an attractive promotion channel for advertisers.

Stay connected

Avoid the cost of ATM downtime with multi-system monitoring designed to keep communication open in all circumstances. To ensure a reliable connection, NetComm Wireless' M2M routers are equipped with automatic failover and advanced redundancy features.

Make calls over 3G

Circuit-switched voice which allows you to make calls over 3G using a standard analogue phone so calls can be made to the bank or security office without the need for a costly landline connection.


  • Deploy ATMs wherever wireless coverage exists
  • Remote asset monitoring and management
  • Custom control
  • 3 x I/Os support Digital Input, Digital Output or Analogue Input
  • Receive alerts over 3G
  • Track the location of ATM deployments (GPS tracking)
  • High-speed 21Mbps WiFi network for the simultaneous connection of multiple devices
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Maintenance management
  • Cost-effective phone calls over 3G
  • Reliable redundancy
  • Cost savings
  • Fast and simple setup