Whatever your role, in whatever industry sector, it would be fair to assume that you want to maximise the potential of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Whether the aim is to cut costs, enhance efficiencies, save energy, improve safety or increase productivity - it's all about achieving value beyond connectivity.

The business of connecting 'things' to the Internet is a major growth area for mobile operators. And as M2M booms across every vertical industry sector worldwide, mobile operators across the globe are deploying M2M access technologies designed to help you achieve your specific objectives simply and cost-effectively.

As well as connecting 'things' to the Internet, you need to look at how M2M can solve the problems of your unique business through:

A custom approach

In a world where the demands and challenges facing one industry are vastly different from those confronting another, having the freedom to create custom M2M applications is essential. Whether tracking cargo, providing home-based medical care, managing temperature levels or monitoring vending machines, wireless M2M routers that run on an open non-proprietary platform and feature an in-built Software Development Kit (SDK) make it easy to develop M2M applications that integrate with your own system to support virtually any function without restriction.

Device management

Manage remote assets in actual time from any location using a wireless M2M router that offers remote control capabilities. Features such as TR-069 let you observe and manage machines from a central office so issues can be diagnosed and resolved without needing to send a technician to the site.

With I/Os support for digital input, digital output and analogue input, it's easy to write your own commands and in line with your specific needs; and an open SIM lets you overcome distance barriers with the capacity to connect any device, anywhere, using any carrier worldwide.

Constant connectivity

The vast majority of M2M deployments are mission-critical. Even the shortest period of downtime can have severe consequences when controlling a smart grid, managing heating or cooling systems or managing transactions. To ensure reliable connectivity in all circumstances, NetComm Wireless' M2M routers feature multi-system monitoring, automatic failover and advanced redundancy features.