In October 2013, NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M router plus and 3G light industrial router, both open non-proprietary platform M2M devices designed to seamlessly integrate with applications in areas such as energy, transport, health, retail and security, received certification from the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

The devices met GCF compliance requirements and were proven to interoperate across a variety of mobile networks worldwide.

The certification assures network operators that NetComm Wireless' M2M devices will perform correctly on their network infrastructure while also delivering a seamless roaming experience. Other GCF verification benefits include: interoperability, reduced time-to-market and the avoidance of repeated testing, allowing NetComm Wireless to significantly reduce operator testing requirements.

About the Global Certification Forum (GCF)

The GCF is an independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3GPP standards.

With a philosophy of 'test once, use anywhere', and an industry agreed set of Certification Criteria that include conformance, field trial & IOT requirements, GCF aims to ensure that a mobile device will work effectively on mobile networks anywhere in the world.

GCF members include leading mobile network operators representing all the key markets worldwide, around 50 device manufacturers and other stakeholders such as test system suppliers and test laboratories.