Monitoring, tracking and recording devices have shifted from the realm of fantasy to the sphere of global reality alongside the rise of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Tracking gadgets in flying cars, transmitters in purses and reel-to-reel tape recorders as seen in James Bond 007 movies have evolved to become intelligent GPS tracking systems; CCTV cameras; navigation systems; sensors; radars; weapons and wireless integrated alarm systems.

The security industry is one of the countless vertical sectors that stands to benefit from using wireless M2M communications to continuously monitor and control remote equipment and systems over wireless networks in real time. In an industry fraught with danger, the advantages of wireless M2M communications extend well beyond the broad business benefits of enhanced efficiency, heighted performance and reduced costs. In areas such as private security, emergency services, boarder control, transportation and defense – M2M technology can be life saving.

Whether guarding assets, patrolling property or escorting people, security personnel are exposed to higher than average rates of injury and death. High-speed mobile 3G enabled digital video recorders therefore provide a critical M2M solution for security globally. A 3G M2M enabled camera can be installed quickly at emerging trouble spots to protect officers as well as the people and valuables they watch over.

NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M devices work in conjunction with digital video recorders (DVRs) and other security applications to provide the constant real time connectivity needed to effectively guard people, property and assets. This is achieved by facilitating point-to-point or point-to-multi-point wireless data connectivity at outdoor events, ports, shopping centres, construction sites, tollways and other locations that lack access to fixed line (ADSL/Cabe/Fibre) infrastructure.

The security industry works in collaboration with a diverse variety of industries in areas such as manufacturing to monitor factories, finance to protect banks and ATMs, hospitals for surveillance and hotels for crowd management and to provide cash handling services.

The armoured vehicles used to transport cash are particularly susceptible to theft and require maximum levels of security at all times. To provide the visual surveillance required, Ness Corporation was commissioned by Tab Corp, Australia's largest organisation for wagering, gaming, keno and media activities, to capture live images from inside their armoured vans. The installation of a NetComm Wireless 3G M2M device (NTC-40W)  was identified as the most effective way to equip in-vehicle DVRs with the real time wireless connectivity needed to record live images from within Tab Corp's fleet of vans. To enable voice calls in emergency situations, Ness Corporation is also seeking to utilise the device's voice port as an alternative to mobile phones.

NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M devices have also been installed in and around private properties and public areas to provide cost-effective surveillance solutions. Integrators Australia, providers of software and network design, were assigned the task of increasing the safety and security of Melbourne's public housing tenants, and visitors, by the Australian Government Department of Human Services. The NetComm Wireless NTC-6908 was selected as the ideal device for taking real time video footage which is stored locally on an SD Card; and to support critical alarm messaging services.

Demand for privately funded policing and security services grows daily, and, as a result, the security industry is growing at a faster rate than both the police force and the Australian population.

The security industry provides an essential service for which secure and reliable access to wireless networks is critical. A security breach can lead to disastrous consequences so there is no disputing the vital role of wireless M2M communications, but it is important that the following considerations be taken into account before deploying an M2M solution.

Remote control

TR-069 is an essential feature for the remote management and control of connected equipment. Significant efficiencies and operational cost savings can be achieved by upgrading software or firmware, downloading data, checking settings or installing upgrades from a central office.

Custom built

Every operation has its own unique set of challenges, so it's essential that industrial grade M2M devices have the capacity to be uniquely customised to complement virtually any remote application. Important features include: integrated software customisation capabilities (SDK); browser based device management; multiple routing protocols and the development of hardware, custom firmware and project management solutions to meet specific requirements.

Durability in extreme conditions

Robustness in challenging environmental conditions and extreme temperatures is critical. NetComm Wireless' M2M devices are easily integrated into existing enclosures and come housed in a durable metal casing with industrial components engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to 70°C.


Multi-system monitoring will ensure that your communication lines remain open in any conditions. A consistent connection can be achieved using a device that periodically checks the full status of the network connection so that the strongest possible signal is achieved.

End-to-end control

The right device should let you select the service provider best suited to your needs and must have the ability to interoperate with a variety of devices and network applications with support for open standards and common industry protocols.

NetComm Wireless' range of industrial-strength wireless M2M devices can be remotely managed and customised to meet specific objectives. All products in the range meet the latest requirements of modern telemetry, M2M communication, WAN and legacy serial applications to provide reliable and cost-effective communications for a range SCADA solutions.