The next sign you look at may well be looking right back at you. As well as catching your attention, smart signs and kiosks can now capture your location, your appearance and even your thoughts. Connected digital signs and kiosks can interact through touch, predetermined triggers and via your mobile device to seamlessly transform content in line with your interests.

Whether the aim is to promote, inform or observe, it’s all about reaching the right audience at the right place and time. Today more than ever, information must be timely, relevant and delivered without delay. We live in an on-demand world where mistimed information can have a lasting effect on reputation and revenue, so whether you are communicating flight information, traffic alerts or lunch specials, timing is critical. Getting the timing right all comes down to real-time awareness.

Next time you travel, check for digital signage on your hotel shuttle service. With the ability to remotely monitor and control digital signage on buses or coaches, arriving passengers can be welcomed and introduced to local restaurants, shops, festivities and attractions; and departing passengers can be thanked for their visit while also receiving information relating to airport shops and services. To achieve up-to-the-minute communications on buses, trains, taxis or ferries, a 3G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) device is needed to transmit location relevant content by tracking the vehicle's whereabouts.

As well as broadcasting live location based advertising to passengers over 3G, a wireless M2M device can facilitate a two-way flow of information to guests viewing digital screens or kiosks in hotel lobbies or at bus stops; giving departing visitors an insight into the location of their bus while also providing an opportunity to display promotional information to guests waiting for an airport transfer.

When your target audience is on the move, placement is critical. In a world of sensory overload, attracting attention is all about standing out in the crowd. For maximum impact, and to ensure that each communication is relevant to the audience in the display location, digital signs and kiosks must be transportable.

Smart solutions for smart signs and kiosks

Digital signs and kiosks that were once confined to brick-and-mortar locations such airports, cinemas and shopping centres are now flourishing at outdoor events, on public transport, on highways and at conferences, trade shows and other temporary venues. With easy access to 3G, digital signs can be installed wherever coverage exists without the need for fixed line (ADSL, cable or fibre) access.

With access to 3G, signs can be strategically placed within shopping centres and supermarkets to draw attention to specific sale items and to track the customer's in-store activity. Using a 3G M2M device with a centralised web based interface, supermarket management can update sale information in real-time from the comfort of their office; and when the product is sold out, the sign can immediately be updated with a new message over the air to improve efficiency and boost sales.

A NetComm Wireless 3G M2M device reduces costs and increases flexibility by allowing signs to be deployed at locations where connecting individual digital signs or kiosks with Ethernet cables can be complicated and costly.

Access to 3G is also vital for businesses that deploy digital signs over a vast area. Offering point-to-point or point-to-multi-point connectivity, a NetComm Wireless 3G M2M device can instantly transmit data to a single location, or across your entire business.

Ideal for franchises, the device can be used to manage one sign, or an entire network of signs dispersed over multiple locations in actual time from a central office. And rather than waste time and money sending technicians out on the road to manually load content to the sign's hard drive, or to perform routine maintenance, NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M devices feature TR-069 to enable reliable remote management and control from a central office. As well as updating content over the air, TR-069 supports fast and accurate fault diagnosis and a swift response to connectivity issues and other malfunctions to ensure minimal downtime.

Whether deploying digital menu boards, mobile billboards, interactive touch screens, kiosks or in-vehicle displays, customisation is key. NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M devices feature a Software Development Kit (SDK), giving you the freedom to create custom M2M Apps that translate data into useful information.

SDK provides the flexibility to connect and manage virtually any digital sign for any purpose. That purpose may be to to promote, raise brand awareness or to track consumer's interests. With SDK, you can choose to develop an M2M App that runs a video advertisement in response to an external trigger, such as a customer picking up a product from the display table; or an M2M App that automatically presents a captivating graphic at a particular date or time.

Take advantage of features such as: TR-069 for remote asset management and control; SDK to support custom M2M application development; multi-system monitoring for always-on connectivity and the ability to select your preferred Internet service provider and interoperate with a variety of devices and network applications with support for open standards and common industry protocols. NetComm Wireless' 3G M2M devices are designed to endure rugged in-vehicle and outdoor environments to support easy, reliable and smart digital signage solutions, anywhere.