The freedom to create custom Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications

SDK. The power to innovate.

M2M devices with SDK give you the power to innovate M2M Apps for a limitless variety of functions such as: remote temperature monitoring, observing water levels, transferring video feed, managing energy or controlling medical equipment.

M2M Apps. Changing the way the world operates.

M2M Apps offer an exciting opportunity to connect and control remote assets in fields as diverse as energy management, security, retail, banking, transportation and healthcare.

M2M Apps extend and enhance the basic capabilities of M2M devices, allowing you to perform practically any function whatever your industry.

With the ability to install hundreds of M2M Apps on a single device, the possibilities are endless.

For example: A temperature sensor App monitors room temperature in real time and works with the air conditioning control App to turn on the air conditioning when the room reaches a predetermined temperature. The FTP App uploads log data, downloads updates and configuration changes; and the alerts App notifies a technician of a fault.

Optimise M2M performance with NetComm Wireless.

Achieve tailored M2M communications utilising the only M2M devices to include embedded Linux OS and SDK functionality. NetComm Wireless’ 3G (HSPA+) M2M WiFi Router (NTC-40WV) and NTC-6000 Series devices support custom M2M App development by allowing you to install customfirmware to the on-board flash memory via the programming interface.

NetComm Wireless’ M2M devices have been customised for:

  • A large water and waste utility that required a 3G solution to monitor and remotely control sewerage pumps installed underground
  • A state government public transport electronic ticketing project
  • An environmental monitoring application that measures changes in sea level for early tsunami detection
  • Direct live video feed from television cameras to the news centre

How does it work?

The SDK enables custom M2M App development with the use of a common, or open, non-proprietary platform. It’s all about sharing access to a number of available development languages (such as ANSI C/C++, Shell Script, LUA Scripting Language), and allowing new languages to be downloaded and installed to your NetComm Wireless M2M device so your developer can create M2M Apps for your specific requirements.

A wide range of existing software can already run on NetComm Wireless’ M2M devices; and further development is as simple as writing software for any computer running Linux.


  • An open non-proprietary platform for the freedom to develop tailored Apps
  • No ongoing costs
  • No hardware lock-in
  • Can be applied to virtually any application in any industry
  • Existing technical staff should already be familiar with the platform and software
  • Wide use of Linux means developers are easy to recruit

Benefits for carriers

  • Provides vendor flexibility
  • Facilitates a broader range of applications for a wide range of industries
  • Attracts and retains M2M customers
  • Provides a stronger M2M value proposition
  • Provides a total end-to-end M2M solution
  • Customisation flexibility will result in customer satisfaction
  • Provides a basis of an ongoing relationship

NetComm Wireless offers M2M app development services to its customers.