It's rare that you'll come across a room without a connected device of one form or another. PCs, HD-TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players are finding their way into all areas of the home as we come to rely more heavily on the Internet in our daily lives.

Online entertainment and other data-intensive activities are fast growing in popularity as broadband networks and technologies continue to improve. This trend is expected to intensify with the NBN's fibre network rollout which is set to dramatically boost online performance with potential fibre optic speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second (subject to the retail package you choose).

What this means for you is vastly improved power, speed and clarity when it comes to activities such as high-definition video streaming, multimedia, online gaming and other resource hungry data services. The NBN's fibre installation will deliver a high-speed connection to the outside wall of your home or office. It's then up to you to decide on the most effective way to transmit optimal connectivity to the devices throughout your home.

Transferring the Internet to the furthest corners of your home or office is much easier than you think. Even premises with thickset brick or concrete walls and complex layouts can achieve a powerful connection in rooms located furthest from the modem without having to waste time and money on additional equipment, cables or wiring.

The trick is to turn your existing electrical wiring into a high-performance network capable of supporting today's heavy-bandwidth activities. Simply plug NetComm Wireless' user-friendly 500Mbps Powerline Adapters into available power points to enjoy HD streaming, multimedia, online gaming and much more in any area of the home or office. The compact adapters come with a host of power saving green features and are easily concealed behind furniture so you won't even notice they're there.