A common misconception about Wireless Network Terminating Devices (WNTD) is that the technology is consumer premises equipment (CPE). While both are installed at the premises, that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike basic CPE, WNTDs form an integral part of the 4G LTE network. The technology is owned, managed and monitored directly by the carrier using the TR-069 standard.

Specially engineered to extend the trusted zone all the way to the premises, the WNTD ultimately transforms mobile wireless into superfast and reliable fixed wireless by enabling a direct line of sight connection between the LTE base tower and the premises.

It is engineered to deliver specific capacity to targeted premises, bringing optimal performance to premises in precise coverage areas. Giving homes and businesses an amount of bandwidth that guarantees performance, carriers can meet their headline speed claims for various products.

Designed to deliver network grade connectivity, NetComm Wireless’ WNTDs bring 4G LTE broadband to homes and businesses while ensuring quality of service for guaranteed service level agreements.

Installed on the roof of the premises, WNTDs are industrial-grade devices built to withstand extreme wind, rain, heat, dust and other outdoor conditions; while offering surge protection for optimal reliability.

NetComm Wireless develops custom WNTDs that have demonstrated world leading capabilities. Offering more than basic CPE hardware and functions, NetComm Wireless’ fixed wireless design service includes the installation, tools and software functionality needed to ensure quality of service and quality of experience while reducing the carrier’s total cost of ownership.