Lights, Camera, Action!
Provide a way to send footage of breaking news back to the studio when deadlines are imminent.

Use a 3G wireless Internet connection and an intelligent router to send compressed video files.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Provide an effective high-speed connection unrestricted by location
  • Simple to set up with no PC required
  • Rugged
  • No operator down-time

Video can of course be stored digitally and then compressed and sent over the Internet, but this requires a camera operator to have a PC along with him to transmit the data. This will also usually involve the camera being connected to the computer, causing downtime where the operator is not filming. For live broadcasts this isn’t practical, especially when the news camera operator needs to keep rolling.

The new generation of cameras and industrial 3G cellular routers are the solution. The latest Sony professional cameras are capable of recording in parallel, writing one version to the internal disc media and a second copy onto a USB flash drive plugged in near the handle.

For news crews out on the road, the need to send video back to a production house or editing suite is an ever-present logistical nuisance. Especially when looking for a scoop close to air time, there simply isn’t always the option to send the material back to base physically. The traditional solutions such as microwave links are obviously outside the budget of anyone but the largest networks, and even these organisations are learning to operate with much leaner overheads and equipment inventories.

When this USB drive is inserted into an advanced cellular 3G router, such as the NetComm Wireless M2M Series, transmission over the available 3G network can proceed without the need for any PC.

The Linux operating system built into the NetComm Wireless device facilitates the FTP process and will even check and re-send missing files in the case of an interruption. Whilst this upload is taking place, the camera operator can swap in another USB drive and be back filming within seconds.

Designed for extreme environments, the NetComm Wireless M2M range of devices sit within a ruggedized metal case and use industrial strength components. This makes them ideal for vehicle mounting where vibrations and wear and tear would quickly disable a standard router. The capability to accept a wide range of voltage inputs is also essential for their ability to operate anywhere, any time, as long as there is a 3G signal available.

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