Business Continuity
Potential communications loss between Golden Casket’s host server and their independent agency terminals if ADSL connection fails.

To supply an alternative communications link from the agencies to the host server over the 3G network.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Provides an effective failover solution
  • Simple to set up
  • Cost effective

Golden Casket was concerned at their exposure to potential revenue loss in the event of ADSL communications failure between agent terminals and the organisation’s host server. No tickets could be sold during such an outage.

The solution was to install an alternative communications link via the 3G network at each Golden Casket agency site. This was achieved by connecting a NetComm Wireless device on to the existing CISCO ADSL router.

By monitoring the ADSL connection the NetComm Wireless device would automatically switch data traffic to 3G network if the primary link was lost. This would continue until such time as the ADSL connection was restored.

Specifically designed for industrial and commercial usage, the NetComm CallDirect Series has extremely flexible configuration capabilities that make it readily adaptable to specific user needs. In the case of the Golden Casket scenario, the primary consideration was to maintain the organisation’s IPSEC security levels for the failover system, but without the need for modification of existing hardware or software components. Operating in a PPPOE mode, the NetComm Wireless device allowed for this and meant that Golden Casket and its agents could be assured of the same secure financial transactions via their CISCO equipment whether operating over the 3G network or an ADSL connection.

By using the NetComm Wireless device and the 3G network, Golden Casket now feel they have a quality disaster recovery solution in place.

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