3G Router proves a sound investment
Provide a fast and reliable Internet connection whilst waiting for ADSL infrastructure.

An embedded 3G router, teamed with Australia’s largest and fastest 3G network.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Connection maintained to allow critical data exchange
  • Device later proves suitable as a failover option during ADSL outages

When stockbroking firm Halifax Investment Services established their Melbourne office in June 2009, they needed to ensure they had a high-speed and reliable connection to the Internet from day one. And when you are in the business of investing client money on the stock market, no ordinary connection will do. A lag of even a second in the constantly updated share prices can spell the difference between profit and loss.

While they were waiting for their ADSL service to come online, Halifax ran the Melbourne office through (NetComm 3G10WVT). This embedded 3G router teamed with a connection to Telstra’s Next G™ network provided the perfect solution, providing all the required speed and reliability the brokers needed to keep in touch with their clients and markets. For two months it was the primary connection for the increasingly busy Melbourne premises.

In fact, the NetComm 3G10WVT proved such a reliable asset that Halifax kept it running as a back-up. During a major outage of the ADSL network towards the end of 2009, the 3G router came back into play, allowing Halifax to continue its business as usual.

Distributing its signal via wireless LAN or Ethernet, the 3G10WVT is an ideal solution for businesses that want employees to share a single 3G account. The wireless functionality means that any number of devices can be networked, including computers, smart phones and PDAs.

For Halifax Investment Services, the 3G10WVT enabled them to get their business up and running and keep it that way during times when an ADSL connection was not available. Without that option, the trading would have been very slow indeed.

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