Super Coverage
Capture uninterrupted live footage of the International Super Series Hockey 9's tournament for global audiences using wireless connectivity.

Connect multiple users to a powerful and secure WiFi network for data-intensive audio and visual file streaming over 3G using the NetComm Wireless Outdoor Gateway.


  • Delivers high-speed broadband connectivity without fixed line (ADSL, cable, fibre) requirements
  • Enhances 3G signal strength
  • Creates a powerful and extensive indoor/outdoor WiFi network
  • Connects multiple devices simultaneously
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions
  • Simple setup and install
  • Advanced security

Hockey Australia gives all Australians, from juniors to elite Olympians, the opportunity to play hockey. As the organisers of the year's most highly anticipated hockey tournament, Hockey Australia invited the teams that participated at the London Olympics to compete in the spectacular International Super Series Hockey 9's event held at the Perth Hockey Stadium, Australia.

Spectators from around the globe watched on as Australia took on a host of international contenders including traditional sporting rival, the England Men's Hockey team. With the Super Series being the major international hockey event of the year, undisrupted coverage was essential.

Hockey Australia personnel and the local and international media contingent required easy access to a powerful wireless network with the capacity to stream high-bandwidth audio and visual data.

To effectively capture and stream the action live without the need for fixed cables or wiring, Vicki Pearmine from Hockey Australia selected the NetComm Wireless Outdoor Gateway for solid wireless coverage throughout the large-scale venue.

The Telstra Business Centre in Belmont installed three NetComm Wireless Outdoor Gateways based on a site audit designed to maximise coverage in areas where the media were concentrated.

"Other units were deployed to provide Hockey Australia officials with blanket coverage of the areas they operated in throughout the tournament, but the exceptional range achieved meant that fewer units were needed for a solid level of coverage," said Vicki.

Hockey Australia required high-speed wireless broadband for multiple users simultaneously and could not risk signal degradation due to weather or network congestion.

"The service was used to send media reports and large picture files internationally while the games were in progress and on completion, and the Outdoor Gateways provided excellent uninterrupted coverage in the required areas throughout the tournament. To avoid congestion, the units were set up to be secure and only accessible to specific members of staff and the media who achieved easy access to the 3G network."

The all-in-one Outdoor Router is wall or poll mountable and integrates a modem, router, WiFi access point, powerful antennas and advanced wireless security into a single robust and weatherproof device that withstands dust, rain and extreme temperatures to ensure a secure and reliable wireless network inside or outside the venue.

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