Public Transportation – WiFi Hotspot 3G Services
Offer shuttle bus passengers a complimentary WiFi service and gain an insight into online browsing interests while also promoting the latest offers on services within the tourism industry.

Create a high-speed WiFi hotspot for multiple devices, remotely monitor usage and transmit real-time promotional information to the user's login screen from any location using the NetComm Wireless’ Industrial 3G M2M WiFi Router with Voice.


  • High-speed in-vehicle WiFi hotspot and captive portal
  • Ease of installation
  • Superior reliability
  • Flexible development platform for customised applications
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Live accident and incident alerts
  • Cost savings

Perfect for:

  • Public transit, shuttle, charter and school and tour buses
  • Luxury coaches
  • Taxis and private hire vehicles
  • Trains and trams
  • Ferries

INFA Systems, a leading Hong Kong based technology solutions provider, is transforming the way that businesses connect, monitor and control vehicles and other remote assets. Wholly owned by ST Electronics, Singapore's largest electronics and communications systems company, INFA Systems delivers innovative wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions to businesses such as those within the Macau Entertainment Centre.

The Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre is a must see tourist attraction. Hundreds of visitors are transported to the venue each day to enjoy the best view of Macau and to experience its restaurants, shopping malls, theatres and a variety of adventurous activities for thrill seekers.

To make the most of the courtesy shuttle bus service that operates for the convenience of guests at surrounding hotels, Macau Entertainment wanted to provide a complimentary in-vehicle WiFi service that would enhance its reputation while also providing an opportunity to promote the many shops, restaurants and activities on offer at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.

Macau Entertainment customers approached INFA Systems to establish a simple, reliable and cost-effective in-vehicle Internet solution that could serve multiple purposes.

"Clients, usually tourists, visiting the Macau Entertainment Centre will utilise the free shuttle bus service. As many clients do not have Internet access, free WiFi provides an incentive for them to take the free shuttle bus. A login page was required for the clients to perform an on-line agreement before using it. Upon login, the web page of the Macau Entertainment Centre will be displayed showing different advertising and promotion details," said Tommy Ong, INFA Systems.

After exploring the options, INFA Systems selected the NetComm Wireless 3G M2M WiFi Router with Voice (NTC-40WV), an all-in-one wireless M2M device that can be used to entice passengers with free in-vehicle WiFi while also allowing the very latest promotional information to appear on the user's login page and on digital screens within the bus. To improve planning and enhance customer service, the NTC-40WV was also used to achieve real-time insight into the customer's interests by monitoring online browsing.

"Macau Entertainment wanted to offer a good WiFi service on their bus fleet with backhaul using a 3G solution. They have diverse needs requiring captivating flash running on their login page and also complex statistics analysis on the online surfers' preference. Surfing information from the client can then be statistically analysed for further service improvement and business planning," said Tommy.

Designed to provide maximum flexibility, the industrial-strength NTC-40WV also features a software development kit (SDK) for easy customisation and integration with unique applications.  

"After comparing different products,  NetComm Wireless was selected for a few distinct reasons. NetComm Wireless provides a ripe and mature development platform for creating customised software catering to diverse needs. The hardware has a high reliability record and is suitable for deployment in harsh environment, such as on the buses, and this is something that the end-user will not compromise for anything inferior."

"Physically, the NTC-40WV was installed on the bus with a 12 volt vehicle regulator to protect it from the vehicle cranking and electrical irregularities. Inside the NTC-40WV, a customised web server was built together with a statistics report functions. This design enables the NTC-40WV to be fully operation on its own without the need for an external web server, making it cost effective and redundancy proof," said Tommy.

Whether connecting passengers on buses, trains or taxis, the NTC-40WV creates a secure 21Mbps WiFi network that connects multiple passenger devices, electronic ticketing systems, video surveillance cameras, digital displays and GPS systems to 3G. The device also connects wired devices via Ethernet, and features circuit switched voice connectivity which allows calls to be made using a standard phone.

"The product provided an ease of management for the users and therefore saving time and money to administrate it. There is no further need for a huge IT support needed to maintain it."

The NTC-40WV also combines powerful processors; flexible power options; GPS support; remote diagnostics; firmware upgrade capabilities; high-performance antennas and wireless security, and is housed in a solid metal casing for extended temperature tolerance and durability in extreme conditions such as heat and vibration.

With support for multiple 3G standards (UTMS/HSDPA/HSUPA) and backwards compatibility with 2G technologies, the innovative NTC-40WV supports reliable point-to-point or point-to-multi-point communications on virtually any network worldwide, providing the real-time awareness needed to enable cost-effective improvements to efficiency, safety, maintenance, productivity and customer loyalty.

The live observation and management of trucks, buses, trains, ships and other vehicles over wireless networks supports applications such as: in-vehicle WiFi, electronic ticketing, fleet management, vehicle recovery, navigation and voice.

The NTC-40WV can also be deployed to:

  • Observe the vehicle's operating condition
  • Track vehicles from virtually any location using GPS
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Transmit weather and traffic data
  • Initiate vehicle malfunction warnings
  • Remotely keep watch of fuel levels and engine parameters
  • Accurately react to system inconsistencies from a central location
  • Reduce the level of spare parts stock storage
  • Schedule servicing

About INFA Systems Limited

INFA Systems is a Hong Kong technology solutions provider founded in 1974 operating in the Greater China market. It provides advanced IT products, technologies and services to its customers ranging from the Banking and Finance market to the Aviation market. In recent years, INFA Systems has also expanded its business to include the Public Safety market sector.

About Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited

Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) provides innovative system solutions to government, commercial, defence, and industrial customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 30 cities in 20 countries, ST Electronics markets its solutions to more than 100 countries internationally. It specialises in the design, development and integration of advanced electronics and communications systems, such as broadband radio frequency and satellite communication, e-Government and eco-enabling ICT solutions, information communications technologies and IT, rail and traffic management, real-time command and control, modelling and simulation, interactive digital media, intelligent building management and information security.

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