Making virtual a reality
Construct a large-scale multi-display interactive Facebook wall in an outdoor area without access to fixed-line infrastructure.

Connect to 3G and create an ‘always-on’ WiFi and Ethernet network that supports live data streaming across multiple devices simultaneously using rugged wireless M2M WiFi routers.

  • Versatile connectivity wherever 3G / 4G network coverage exists
  • No fixed-line (ADSL/cable/fibre) limitations
  • Live online communications with real-time updates
  • Supports WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote management
  • Large footprint enabling data streaming 8 metres from the structure
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions
  • Simple to setup and pack away

"LG is literally bringing Facebook from the virtual world into the real world,"said a TV1 Breakfast show reporter from inside a life-sized chat box that formed part of an interactive Facebook wall which was erected at Aotea Square in the CBD of Auckland, New Zealand. Passers-by did a double take before stopping to take in the remarkable multi-faceted Facebook wall which featured a group of connected entertainers including an artist, a man reading status updates from a megaphone, a dancing ad-man and a chat girl.

Y&R, the creative agency behind LG’s Face-to-Facebook wall campaign, specialises in growing the presence of major brands in the online space through the design and development of websites, online banners, Facebook and smart phone applications. The LG campaign presented Y&R with the challenge of creating a large-scale online space in an outdoor area which lacked access to fixed-line (ADSL/cable/fibre) infrastructure. With the campaign scheduled to run for ten hours a day over three days, the need was for a powerful and continuous WiFi connection with the capacity to support live streaming activities across multiple laptops simultaneously in potentially wet and windy outdoor conditions.

Kaz Kennedy, from Y&R, approached NetComm Wireless for two wireless M2M WiFi routers (NTC-40WV) to enable real-time wireless connectivity using 3G networks. “Our client LG chose the product because they felt it best suited our campaign requirement. The Face-to-Facebook wall was created using an 8 metre high scaffold structure that was clad in plywood and then wrapped in a billboard skin. We used one of the wireless M2M WiFi routers on the second level and the other on the very top level, both had different telecom SIM cards in them.”

The industrial-grade NTC-40WV was used to provide undisrupted 3G wide-area network (WAN) connectivity in outdoor conditions and was used to provide Internet access to up to eight people working behind the scenes on the w all at any one time. Featuring a WiFi access point and Ether net connectivity, the team were able to establish both wireless and wired connections to the router; and with extended wireless reach, a laptop positioned eight meters away from the structure was able to stream live video footage of the event.

“We connected 7 laptops to the routers. On day one we had all laptops going to one router including one that was in charge of online streaming. On days two and three we had 6 laptops using the internet on the one router and the streaming laptop on the other router.

The focus of the campaign was on interactive live communication s that could be managed from a remote location. Status updates posted on the LG NZ website were immediately received and read out from the wall in real-time so it was critical that the routers were able to provide undisrupted wireless connectivity.

“The routers gave us continuous WiFi throughout the campaign. Although the connection slowed slightly at peak times on the network, we had a stream live at all times. Everyone could access the internet which was pivotal to the campaign,” said Kaz.

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