Remote Strength
Deliver a powerful broadband Internet signal to an online business in an isolated area with weak 3G signal and no fixed line infrastructure.

Install a rugged weatherproof Outdoor Router that creates a strong mobile broadband network connection as well as a fast and secure wired and wireless local network both inside and outside the premise.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Connects remote premises to high-speed wireless broadband
  • Boosts 3G signal strength
  • No fixed line requirements
  • Powerful WiFi for indoor and outdoor connectivity
  • Ethernet connectivity for wired devices
  • Withstands dust, rain and extreme temperatures

Lifestyle Music produces a diverse variety of non-traditional music covering genres such as Australiana, chill out, spa, ambient jazz, indigenous, nature and meditation. Their specialised music designers create unique sounds for events, advertising, wellbeing and much more. Customers and retailers can listen to various sound tracks via the Lifestyle Music website which features music samples, online audio displays and digital downloads; while also supporting online sales transactions, inventory management and Internet marketing.

Maintaining a solid broadband Internet connection is critical for e-commerce businesses and while this is easily achieved in urban areas, Lifestyle Music’s remote location on the outskirts of Cairns presented a number of connectivity challenges. As a business based beyond the reach of fixed line ADSL or cable infrastructure, 3G connectivity was the only available option – but their distance from the nearest Next G™ tower made it difficult to access a 3G signal with the strength to support bandwidth-intensive devices and applications such as HD audio streaming.

“The Outdoor Router was really easy to install. I’m not a technical person but following the quick start guide, I had the Outdoor Router connected to the Internet in minutes. As well as boosting our signal strength it’s saving us valuable time.”

Sue Itzstein, General Manager of Lifestyle Music

To overcome the issue of a degraded signal and slow wireless Internet speeds, Lifestyle Music tried to bolster their 3G signal by connecting an external antenna to a regular 3G router. A switch was attached to the router to create a wired network for their four desktop PCs; and a separate WiFi router was used to create a WiFi hotspot within the premises. This motley mix of technologies failed to eliminate low signal strength and loss of signal difficulties and left Lifestyle Music susceptible to a number of potential maintenance issues.

Sue Itzstein, General Manager of Lifestyle Music, approached NetComm Wireless for a solution that could both optimise their signal and reduce device clutter. Being an e-business located in a remote location, the all-in-one NTC-30 Series Outdoor HSPA+ M2M WiFi Router was the ideal choice. The durable weatherproof Outdoor Router worked straight out of the box with no configuration or user interface setup requirements. Once the relevant cables were connected, Sue achieved an instant high-speed mobile broadband connection with the capacity to support multiple wired and wireless devices. A tradesman then quickly and easily mounted the compact device onto an eave in an optimal position.

“Being an outdoor router, we have substantially increased Telstra Next G™ network signal strength by securing the router itself on the outside of the building, and we now have reliable WiFi inside and out. The router is also attached to a switch that connects all of our office computers so everything’s connected,” said Sue Itzstein, General Manager of Lifestyle Music.

The NetComm Wireless Outdoor HSPA+ M2M WiFi Router incorporates: a 42Mbps 3G modem and high gain antennas for a solid connection to the nearest 3G / 4G tower; reliable and secure WiFi coverage with speeds reaching 300Mbps; an integrated Wireless LAN access point and MIMO antenna technology to transmit a strong signal around the premises (up to 100m) for convenient indoor and outdoor Internet access and wired connectivity powered via Ethernet to support video and music streaming, multimedia downloads and other high-bandwidth activities without disruption.

Lifestyle Music was able to achieve all of their connectivity requirements using a single robust device with industrial strength IP67 rated housing for the protection needed to withstand cyclones, bushfires, dust-storms, floods and other extreme weather conditions experienced in Cairns and its surrounds.

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