A life-saving connection
Effectively manage the online communications and website of a dog rescue charity based in a city fringe area without a fixed line connection.

Create a fast, reliable and always-on 3G broadband and WiFi connection for multiple devices using a robust Outdoor Router.

3G Benefits:

  • Delivers high-speed broadband connectivity to premises without a fixed line (ADSL, cable, fibre)
  • Enhances 3G signal strength
  • Creates a powerful WiFi network inside and outdoors
  • Connects multiple devices simultaneously
  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions
  • Simple setup
  • Advanced security

DoggieRescue.com is a charitable organisation that rescues dogs from death row and places them in loving homes. In the past year alone over 33,000 perfectly healthy dogs in NSW council pounds faced a lonely end by lethal injection. For most of these dogs there is very little hope for survival, but each year around 600 dogs are saved from a similar fate by Monika Biernacki and a group of dedicated volunteers who make weekly visits to council pounds to rescue as many dogs as possible.

“These become ‘our dogs’, receiving immediate medical care, de-sexing, vaccination and micro-chipping before joining scores of others to await a loving family at our shelter, DoggieWood, in Ingleside,” said Monika.

Ingleside lies just 2km from Sydney’s northern beaches suburb of Mona Vale, but the area lacks access to fixed line (ADSL/cable/fibre) infrastructure and relies solely on 3G connectivity for all online activities. A fast and reliable 3G connection is vital for DoggieRescue.com which depends on its website to achieve a first sight connection between the dogs and their potential new owners.

With two hundred dogs up for adoption at any one time, and almost six hundred Doggie Rescue Life Savers supporting their cause, Monika’s team struggled with the challenge of actively updating numerous posts and managing communications from a small office with multiple PCs which ran of f a 3G USB WiFi router. A 3G USB modem was connected to the r outer and an external antenna was affixed to the premises for access to the 3G network. This setup resulted in sluggish dialup equivalent speeds of just 0.07Mbps upload, and 0.05Mbps download.

With their focus on the wellbeing of the dogs in their care, the staff and volunteers at DoggieRescue.com endured painfully slow online connection speeds and frequent signal dropouts to avoid costly changes to the economical plan offered by their internet service provider. On the recommendation of a volunteer, Monika approached NetComm Wireless for an alternative that would provide vastly superior broadband speeds and performance whilst enabling them to remain on the same cost-effective plan.

The outmoded 3G USB router and external antenna that had been used for years was replaced by a robust NetComm Wireless Outdoor Router which created a powerful indoor and outdoor W iFi network that achieved significantly improved download speeds of 6.07Mbps and upload speeds reaching 1.64Mbps across three laptops and two PCs.

“The results are phenomenal and we were able to keep our same low cost plan using the same network. With no other changes to our network provider or plan, it’s clear that the amazing difference in broadband speed and reliability comes down to the performance of our new Outdoor Router,” said Monika.

Ideal for properties that lack access to a fixed line Inter net connection, and premises that experience a weak or nonexistent wireless signal, the Outdoor Router combines a powerful antenna system, 3G/HSPA+ modem and a wireless access point that delivers WiFi speeds of up to 300Mbps to enable a fast and reliable connection between multiple devices simultaneously.

As a device mounted to an external wall, the Outdoor Router offers maximum protection against the elements with IP67 housing designed to withstand dust, rain and extreme temperatures.

“Being able to work more productively and efficiently means we’re now able to spend more time on increasing our supporter base and on saving and re-homing as many dogs from the council pounds as we can,” said Monika.

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