Keeping an eye on the traffic
Gaining real time visual information from incidents occurring in highway locations where no fixed CCTV exist.

Development of a mobile platform equipped with CCTV capabilities to feed real time visual information back to the highway agency’s control room.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment capabilities.
  • Quality of information received from site.
  • Emergency services gain a better understanding of the site prior to arrival.

From the real time visual information gathered, the agency can assist in informing the appropriate parties (traffic management services, emergency responders etc.) as to the particulars of an incident and its location prior to their arrival.

However not every stretch of highway is installed with fixed CCTV monitoring capabilities. This created the need for a means that would give the Highways Agency the ability to visually manage these locations when an incident or accident occurs

The solution adopted was to mount a camera onto one of the Agency’s service vehicles. When deployed rapidly to the location of a reported incident, this platform resolves the information gap created by not having a permanently fixed CCTV system at any particular site.

With the mobile solution in place the control room can then collect quality real-time visual information to assist the emergency services.

Mounting the camera on a vehicle meant that the integrator, Triple P, needed to find a reliable method of communicating the data back to the control room. Several transmission possibilities were considered but in the end the option of transmission via a 3G-network turned out to be the most desireable.

The Netherlands Government Highways Agency runs a fixed CCTV-monitoring system along several of its highways. The Agency’s road management control room monitors these cameras on a 24/7 basis to monitor traffic congestion and general incident or emergency situations that may arise from time to time.

For this option Triple P choose to use NetComm Wireless M2M Series, for its high speed capabilities, reliability, and rugged enclosure.

Designed for adverse environments, the NetComm Wireless device is contained within a metal case and utilizes industrial strength components. This ruggedized build and its ability to operate in a wide temperature range
(from -300C to +700C) make it ideal for deployment on mobile and outdoor applications. Vehicle mounting is particularly easy for the NetComm CallDirect series Router because it can accept voltage inputs of between 8V and 28V.

Triple P: Integrator –
KPN: cellular carrier

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