Smart recycling
Monitor and control the waste collection process in real time to increase recycling efficiency, minimise the disposal of dangerous materials and resolve issues.

Equip waste disposal trucks with rear view camera systems and wireless M2M routers to remotely observe and control the process over 3G networks.

3G M2M Benefits:

  • Live monitoring of cameras and vehicle location
  • Dispute management
  • Instant progress updates
  • Large operational cost savings
  • No fixed line restrictions
  • Easy installation and simple setup
  • Industrial strength and temperature resistant

For the past twenty-five years, Rear Vision Systems have equipped heavy vehicles of all kinds with advanced rear view camera systems. Cars, horse floats, motor homes, sweepers, freight trains, forklifts and trams are just some of the vehicles fitted with rear view camera systems to improve safety and minimise vehicle damage. Rear Vision Systems decided to enhance their camera systems with 3G connectivity to benefit new applications such as the real time monitoring of waste disposal trucks to improve the recycling process.

Across the globe the focus on recycling has never been greater. As the importance of reducing our carbon footprint through resource recovery increases, the global community has pulled together to manage and minimise waste. From the moment a waste disposal truck pulls up at the front of a house, recycle bins are placed under close surveillance to ensure the correct segregation of material. Careful monitoring at the point of collection supports increased efficiency and lower energy consumption at the next stage of the process where reusable resources are recovered at recycling centres.

“The NetComm products are easy to set up and require little maintenance. The NetComm Wireless 3G M2M devices have stood up well in garbage trucks which are a hostile environment with a lot of vibration.”

David Fredricks, Rear Vision Systems

In most cases, local councils outsource residential waste collection to independent sustainable resource recovery management companies who are liable for issues such as rate payer complaints and the unsafe disposal of hazardous materials. By equipping their vehicles with rear view cameras connected to the Internet via 3G networks, these companies can save time, money and their reputation using accurate real time observation.

Uncollected bin disputes can be quickly and easily resolved by monitoring whether the resident neglected to place the bin on the street; and the dumping of poisons, gas bottles, paint, chemicals and other dangerous materials can be examined for safety. Keeping watch over 3G networks can also streamline the end-to-end collection process by ensuring that green waste, general garbage, paper and plastic are placed in the correct bins.

Jackie Fredericks from Rear Vision Systems approached NetComm Wireless for a rugged 3G M2M router that could be run in conjunction with their in-vehicle DVR Recorders to enable the remote real time surveillance and management of waste disposal trucks. The industrial strength NTC-6000 series routers were selected to create reliable wide-area-networks with point-to-point or point-to-multi-point capabilities wherever 3G coverage exists. By combining DVR and camera systems with 3G network access, sustainable resource recovery management companies are able to observe the collection process as it happens from a PC in a central office while recording the camera views, position and speed of the trucks using GPS technology.

“NetComm have a quality reputation. Their team was easy to deal with and offered an excellent product at a good price. The NetComm team have always been available to assist us the integration of their modem into our solution. The product is rugged, easy to operate, and has a seamless track-record of operation,” said David Fredricks, Rear Vision Systems.

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