A second connection
Achieve business continuity across a nationwide network of coffee cafés for undisrupted debit terminal uptime when the lines are down.

Deploy a portable backup solution with automatic failover to maintain a high-speed Internet and telephone phone connection across multiple devices wherever 3G coverage exists.


  • Portable high-speed 3G primary or backup connection
  • No fixed line (ADSL, cable, fibre) requirements
  • Automatic failover to 3G when the primary fixed line connection is lost
  • Wireless LAN network for up to 15 devices on a single plan
  • Connect a standard analogue phone to make calls over the cellular network
  • Connect wired devices via the Ethernet LAN port
  • Ethernet WAN port for alternate fixed line connectivity
  • VPN pass-through support for secure connections over the public networks
  • Simple setup

Second Cup Ltd is Canada’s largest franchisor of specialty coffee cafés. What began as a modest whole bean coffee kiosk in 1975 has grown to become a second home to hundreds and thousands of guests every day. With over a million coffee and tea beverages sold across 350 cafés every week, maintaining business continuity is critical.

As a business that has built its reputation on coffee integrity, and by providing the best possible café experience, Second Cup is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and efficiency through seamless service and a flawless flow of debit transactions.

After exploring the most effective way to avoid disruptions caused by phone line, cable or modem failure, Luke Weagant from Second Cup Ltd selected the NetComm Wireless 3G WiFi Router with Voice (3G27WV) for a smart, simple and portable Internet and telephone phone backup solution across all stores.

“The 3G27WV is a simple, all-in-one portable backup Internet solution in a box. We use the devices as backup Internet connections during network outages, primarily for debit transactions in our stores. We keep roughly one device in every province, and ship them to stores when needed. In the event of a phone line or cable going down, or when a modem dies, the 3G27WV ensures that the store can continue to process debit transactions,”

said Luke Weagant.

Any disturbance to business continuity can have a damaging impact in terms of cost, productivity and credibility, so the need was for a device that minimises downtime by providing undisrupted Internet and phone connectivity, even in the event of fixed line DSL, cable or fibre connection failure.

“The device is simple to setup, making it easy for end users. We plug a debit terminal directly into the LAN port; and for extended outages, we simply plug the router into the LAN port. Plug it in, plug a device into it, and it’s done. It’s an idiot proof backup Internet solution.”

The 3G27WV combines a powerful antenna system, 3G modem and a Wireless LAN access point in a single unit, offering portable high-speed WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for up to 15 devices simultaneously wherever coverage exists. For complete fixed line replacement, the built-in voice feature enables calls to be made using a standard analogue/cordless phone (e.g. DECT base station).

“At a recent convention we used the device to run two demo PCs, two iPads and a few phones, meaning we didn’t have to mess around with the expensive Internet offered by hotels and convention centres. The sole reason for deploying these devices is to effectively resolve network problems and other issues using a simple all-in-one 3G device.”

The automatic failover feature switches from ADSL to 3G by continuously sending a signal to an outside IP address to determine whether the fixed connection is active. If the 3G27WV detects that the fixed connection has failed for any reason, it will revert to 3G, automatically switching back to ADSL when the problem is resolved.

“The device saves time and money by keeping commerce working smoothly at our stores, even during Internet outages. It is much cheaper than 3G/4G debit terminals; and we also found that having redundant secondary WAN connections at every single store too costly and often during outages the backup solutions wouldn’t kick in properly. Smoothly working redundant backups also masked other issues, such as internal wiring damage. It is much cheaper for us to just ship, or drive, a 3G27WV to a site with an outage.”

The 3G27WV was developed to provide a high-speed primary or secondary broadband Internet and telephone connection straight out-of-the-box. “The device is very simple and easy to setup and maintain. Plug in a SIM card, turn it on and get instant Internet.”

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