Wireless M2M

The critical connection

Bespoke Solutions Case Study

Public Transportation WiFi Hotspot 3G Services

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Offer shuttle bus passengers a complimentary WiFi service and gain an insight into online browsing interests while also promoting the latest offers on services within the tourism industry.


Create a high-speed WiFi hotspot for multiple devices, remotely monitor usage and transmit real-time promotional information to the user's login screen from any location using the NetComm Wireless’ Industrial 3G M2M WiFi Router with Voice.

Machine-to-Machine, also known as M2M or telemetry, enables remote communication between machines and other machines and people.

What it does

Smart deployments are built using open, interoperable and customisable cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology that redefines what it’s possible to connect and control over global networks.


"Reliable access to Telecom’s XT network is extremely beneficial as our sites are located in remote areas where GSM coverage is often inadequate. The NTC-6908 router was easy to set up and its reliability has been cost-effective for our clients. The modems have been in operation for a couple of months and we have not had any problems during that time."

said David Wahl, Renewables Engineer at Aurecon Read Aurecon's Story

Will your M2M deployment last the distance?

2G has served us well. It was the second generation of mobile technology after Analog, and while it remains the dominant technology in terms of total connections – 2G is making way for the added speed and capacity of 3G and 4G. By the end of next year, Telstra will have shut down its 2G/GSM network, and AT&T will not be far behind.


monitoring and management in real time from any computer at any location

How it works
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Wireless M2M Portfolio

Wireless M2M communication is opening the door to a new world of possibilities across a limitless range of industries such as logistics and transport, health care, consumer devices, Point of Sale (PoS), finance, security, utilities and smart grid by supporting automatic data communication between devices such as electric meters (or smart meters), digital displays, vending machines, alarm systems and vehicles.



  • 3G27WV - Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery:

    A disaster or disruption can result in lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction and a breakdown of

  • M2M - In-vehicle

    Whether the need is to connect individual vehicles or to connect vehicles to vast networks of oth