Wireless M2M Portfolio

Wireless M2M is transforming businesses and entire industries. It enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and presents unparalleled business opportunities.

Universal connectivity is just the beginning. Outcomes are optimised through remote monitoring and management and the capacity to scale, interoperate, expand and evolve as business needs change.

We offer a range of globally certified 3G/4G M2M devices that bring intelligence to the edge of networks. Our industrial-grade wireless M2M range combines all of the features and interfaces needed to connect and manage virtually anything, anywhere.

Carrier-grade management and powerful edge processing capabilities together with an open Linux OS and NetComm Wireless Software Development Kit (SDK) give businesses the freedom to innovate without restriction.

Our extensive wireless M2M portfolio is bringing smart capabilities to traffic infrastructure, digital signage, water and waste systems, healthcare devices, meteorological equipment, smart meters and countless mission-critical systems across the globe.