Network Infrastructure

Global connectivity starts with NetComm Wireless.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

Extend the trusted zone to the edge with demonstrated Fixed Wireless expertise.

The nationwide expansion of network coverage in Australia, the US and Europe is supported by our new generation of Fixed Wireless technologies.

Proven to deliver world leading broadband Internet speeds, guaranteed performance and unmatched capacity, our Intelligent Fixed Wireless Access (IFWA) are helping to transform homes, businesses and entire communities in unserved or underserviced areas worldwide.


Fixed Network

Fixed networks

Bringing superfast and economical future-ready broadband services to premises already serviced by copper lines.

Commercial limitations end here with a fast and economical alternative to fibre and cable to the home deployments.

Designed to extend the trusted zone all the way to the premises, our robust and weatherproof Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) and Cable to the distribution point (CTTdp) technologies connect to up to four existing copper lines from the Distribution Point (DP) pit to meet the demands of a connected world.